CASE STUDY: Molecular diagnostics products & solutions company

Accelerated the on-boarding for a team of dentists using mobile-based micro-learning video modules.

We aided a MedTech company inaccomplishingrapidon-boardingand awareness od a new feature of their dental chair through micro digital learning modules.

Target Audience

Dental Care Practitioners


A renowned MedTech company needed a quick and effective way to bring their customers, who were dental practitioners, on board with the relevant knowledge regarding a new feature of their dental chair.

The feature was complex and hence it needed to be explained in a manner that was easy to understand and engaging.


After studying the new feature of the dental chair and mapping it with the relevant learner requirements, Ethoshdeveloped a mobile-based learning module that comprised of videos explaining the feature in detail. The learning experience offered quick and easy navigation to the desired sub-topics and provided the user with both online access or downloading facility for offline viewing.

The MedTech company as well as the dental practitioners were benefited by this learning experience as it significantly enhanced the product awareness and ease of operationrespectively.

Ethosh’s scope of work:

  • Studying the new product feature that was to be explained
  • Ensuring ease of use and navigation of the leaning experience
  • Designing a mobile-based learning experience accordingly
  • Understanding the needs of the learners


Accelerated onboarding

Of dentist practitioners

Reduced cost

of training